Welcome to my Neocities Page

I will use this website to "relearn" website creation. I already did webdesign stuff. However this have been ages since I did that the last time. And while doing this, I also will try to get familar with Dreamweaver as Editor, Bootstrap as CSS Framework, and last but not least, jquery as Javascript framework. And as a small sideeffekt I will try to improve on my english

This can also mean, that I sometimes will have elements on this site, just because I can, and I wanted to play around with it. And also that I try to improve on my english includes, that I will make mistakes. So bear with me, when you see things which misspelled, or make not sense or whatever.

Because I'm in the process of relearning stuff, I don't think that I'm the one who should try to explain someone something. Instead I will write about stuff like motorbike tours, taking photos and photo project and stuff like this. And may be I will start writing travel reports. We will see.